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Wood Family

Page history last edited by Jon 10 years, 3 months ago

This wiki was created to share our knowledge of the Wood family and to help provide a space to share further ideas and knowledge about the family. You can add your comments to any individual, article or tree - or you can modify an individual's profile if you have any additional information.



There are profiles of many members of the Wood family, with varying degrees of detail. The profiles mainly focus on the children of three couples and you can navigate around the profiles using the links to the parents and children of each individual:


Edward Wood and Sarah Dendy

Edward Wood and Sarah Warner

Thomas Wood and Harriet Knight


You can also:

  • Use the A-Z to view the profile of any individual.
  • Use the folders in the right hand menu to view entire families.



A collection of resource lists and documents relating to the Wood family.

Wood Wills



Articles on the Wood family will be listed here.


Help wanted! 

Questions about the Wood family will be listed here.



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