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Phillips Family

Page history last edited by Elaine Phillips 8 years, 6 months ago

This wiki was created in 2008 to share our knowledge of the Phillips Family and to help provide a space to share further ideas and knowledge about the family. You can add your comments to any individual, article or tree - or you can modify an individual's profile if you have any additional information.


Family Tree

Navigate around the family tree by choosing a tree to start from and then follow the links on each page. 

James Phillips & Susannah Lucas

Eliza Phillips

Charles Phillips & Emma Ferrier

Charles Phillips & Sarah Thoroughgood Webb

John Phillips & Lydia Clement

James Phillips & Sarah Miller

James Henry Phillips & Mary Ann Tomkins

George Charles Phillips & Esther Jane Tomkins

William Phillips & Emily Higgins

Thomas Phillips & Eleanor Thomas

Alma Phillips & Thomas Pickering

Ellen Phillips & John Miller



There are profiles of over 100 members of the Phillips family, with varying degrees of detail. The profiles mainly focus on the children of four couples and you can navigate around the profiles using the links to the parents and children of each individual:


James Phillips & Susannah Lucas

James Phillips & Sarah Miller

James Henry Phillips & Mary Ann Tomkins

George Charles Phillips & Esther Jane Tomkins


You can also:

  • Use the A-Z to view the profile of any individual.
  • Use the folders in the right hand menu to view entire families.



In the course of researching the family various lists of Phillips were compiled, not all of which relate to our family. These lists are presented here in the hope that these will help other families researching their Phillips lines. 

Crayford Baptisms, Marriages and Burials - Phillips entries

Dartford Baptisms, Marriages and Burials - Phillips entries

Phillips Burials at East Hill Cemetery, Dartford

Phillips entries in the Dartford Census for 1801 and 1821

Phillips Graves - Camberwell Old Cemetery

Miscellaneous Phillips Certificates



A collection of articles focusing on particular individuals, events and unresolved family questions, including:

Alfred Phillips – Army Service (1905-1916)

Harry Phillips – Army Service (1884-1916)

Harry Phillips – Service with the Royal Marine Light Infantry (1898-1914)

The mystery of the two Susannah Julia Phillips

Wal Phillips - Service in the First World War

What happened to William Phillips?

Emigration to Australia

Looking for James Phillips


Photograph Collections

Album of Phillips & Tomkins Photographs from the collection of Emma Sarah Carpenter (née Phillips) and Kathleen May Yates (née Carpenter).


Help wanted!

There are a number of unresolved questions and unidentified family photographs. Can you help?

View the current list of questions - or post a new question

View the unidentified family photographs



Comments (7)

Robert J.Phillips said

at 4:17 am on Aug 20, 2011

Is the following any relation to OUR PHILLIPS of Dartford, Kent. Marine Keith John PHILLIPS PO 39185R. Born 01 October 1962 in Dartford, Kent, England. Died 11 June 1982 in Falklands War. Buried in San Carlos Cemetery, Falklands Islands. NOTE on the night of 11 June 1982 a number of Royal Marines ( including Keith) were returning after an engagement when they were mistaken as the enemy. A number were killed by Friendly Fire. A very sad story!
Can anyone please help?

janphillips said

at 11:11 am on Aug 28, 2011

Hi Bob. Just a reply to the above from me. I haven't stumbled on any current families other than the great people who have put together this site or posted their trees on GR. So no releavnt Keith in my tree as yet.
Before the migration of people with Asian surnames over the last 20 odd years, Phillips was the 15th most common surname in either the UK or England and Wales so although Keith lived in Dartford, I wouldn't actually expect him to be a distant cousin.

Having found all you 3rd to 5th cousins, I am still disappointed by only fiinding one of my 2nd cousins. (Christine Garvin who I at last met in 2010) it seems that none of my grandfather Phillips siblings have descendants interested enoughin family history to belong to either of the common websites in the Uk. Having said that, I don't have a PAID subscription ot ANcestry so who knows who is around there? If anyone who reads this wiki, does have a paid sub to that site, I would be grateful for any leads. Jan

Warren said

at 12:23 am on Sep 5, 2011

Hi Jan. On Ancestry there is a tree which shows descent from Charles & Mary Ann through Alfred George Edward Phillips born 1902 (this would fit the baptism shown on Ancestry for 1 January 1903) - is this any use?

Linda Phillips (Lou) said

at 5:39 pm on Sep 12, 2011

That would be me then

Christine Garvin said

at 7:01 am on Sep 13, 2011

Hello Linda, are you the granddaughter of Alfred Edward Phillips? If so then our grandparents and Jan Phillips grandfather were siblings! Jan uploaded some snapshots that belonged to my grandmother Ada and there were a couple of Alf with his wife Flo.

janphillips said

at 11:51 pm on Sep 9, 2011

Yes that would be great to chase up Warren. Any chance please you could put the owner of that tree onto me? janphillips30@yahoo.co.uk. Have you alerted them to this wiki?

Linda Phillips (Lou) said

at 9:38 am on Sep 14, 2011

Hi Jan, Yes Alfred was my Grandfather I'm the tree owner in Ancestry. My email is mail4lphillips@yahoo.co.uk. I have a sister whose maiden name was also Jan Phillips

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